Helicopter Tours in ISRAEL

Helicopter Tours in ISRAEL

Would you like to explore Israel from a different perspective? Try flying a helicopter through Israel skies and mountains and have a bird’s eye view on the land. For a luxury that once was known to be exclusive for VIPs, has become available to anyone who seeks a new exciting and mesmerizing experience. Enjoying the view and exploring the beautiful sites of Israel from 300 meters height is truly a unique feeling, one that cannot be described with words. There are many occasions and events where a helicopter flight would make them even extra special, for instance, we provide Romantic Helicopter flights for anniversaries, birthdays and marriage proposals. Our company runs high standard safety protocols and uses top of the line helicopters and pilots, having a helicopter tour in Israel fits any age and is very fun for an exciting family trip or an unforgettable present for a loved one. 

Flight and routes

The helicopter has many advantages with its mobility, comfort and speed. Since it doesn’t require an official landing site we can practically land a pick you up anywhere in the country, we can make stops along the way, land on a cliff and watch the Dead Sea or land on a hill and watch the Sea of Galilee and other beautiful sites.
Although Israel is a small country there are plenty of sites to see from south to north, Israel contains many religious holy sites regarding Christianity Judaism and Islam, we offer many flights with routes to holy sites and cities such as Jerusalem, Nazereth and Bethlehem.
These flights include:
* Flying and hovering over the site
* Stopping and staying at the site
When renting a helicopter you should consider its size so it wouldn’t be too crowded, the amount of people that can get inside a helicopter depends on the helicopter type and size, typically  there’s enough room for 3- 11 persons.
As we offer many popular and recommended flight routes for your comfort, you can choose your flight from our flights selection or customize your flight route preferences.  

For your information

Many people would think renting a helicopter flight is complicated but it’s the complete opposite, having the right organized company for rental is the key for a mess-free rental, with fair prices and professional service.
Apart from touring and traveling Israel with a helicopter, our company also provides Helicopter Rentals for business, transferring via our special helicopter taxi, luxury car rentals and many more!

To conclude

If you’re looking to get an out of the ordinary experience, there’s no doubt that having a helicopter tour with friends and loved ones would be amazing. As mentioned earlier, we offer many touring rental deals and services, for further details contact us.
We would be glad to hear from you and help with every question. You can reach us on the phone, or leave your information and we will make sure to respond as soon as possible. 


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